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Here's What People Are Saying About "Bold Moves"

People are talking about Bold Moves To Creating Financial Wealth™. This is a self help book that really does help. Bold Moves To Creating Financial Wealth™ makes it easy for everyone to understand the critical factors underlying the health of their personal finances. More than this, the book walks the reader through the process they need to follow to become a positive influence in creating their own financial wealth.

People are happy to talk about the difference that Bold Moves to Creating Financial Wealth™ has made in their lives.

These comments represent a cross-section of Gerald's readers:

"This book represents the culmination of years and years of smart thinking about how to manage personal finances. How to get ahead financially is critical in these very difficult times. Gerald's book will give us a leg up on how to be competitive and how to prosper in the 21st century."
Dr. Mark B. Rosenberg
President, Florida International University

"This may be one of the most important books you will ever read. By sharing real life experiences, Grant makes a compelling argument that how we think determines our actions and our actions determine the quality of our life while spelling out how to become bold enough to make the right financial moves."
Jesse J. Tyson
ExxonMobil, International Aviation

"I'm so excited about this book and Gerald's desire to educate us into total financial health. This excellent guide covers everything to prepare you to handle life's financial responsibilities and makes you feel good about 'stepping out of stupid'."
JoMarie Payton-Downs, Actress
Family Matters (Harriette Winslow)

"Contained within is a guide to financial strategies that is easy to read and to the point. No matter who you are, you can begin to address your financial goals by following the powerful concepts revealed in this book!"
Carlos Dias
Founder/President, Executive Learning Systems, Inc. and author of "Strategic Value Innovation"

"As an entrepreneur, former athlete and a Board Member/ Treasurer of the NBA Retired Players Association, I recommend that all my family, friends and associates read this book. It is an outstanding guide to creating wealth. Gerald has laid a blueprint for success."
George Wm. Tinsley, Sr.
President and CEO Tinsley Family Concessions

"I think the book can really help everybody because there are graphics in the book so people can get a visual by looking at timelines where you should be and can be (financially) and see what actions - bold moves - you need to take. I think Gerald has done a wonderful job putting this book together."
Willis Green
Federal Employee

"It is really important to have financial stability in my life. That's something I need and want as a single parent. It's not about how much you make, but about how much you save."
Kimmie Fuller

About Bold Moves to Creating Financial Wealth™

Bold Moves to Creating Financial Wealth Book
HardBack Edition - $24.95
ISBN: 978-0-9826453-0-7
PaperBack Edition - $19.95
ISBN: 978-0-9826453-1-4

The effectiveness of Bold Moves to Creating Financial Wealth ™ flows from the simplicity of Gerald's writing style.

The book will help you to understand what you need to know about your financial situation before you try to change it.

You will learn to improve your financial literacy and truly understand what is happening with your money. Armed with this new knowledge, you can be confident of your own ability to manage your money and achieve the short and long term financial goals that you had thought were beyond your reach.

In this excerpt from the book, Gerald talks about the importance of increasing clients knowledge:

"I realized that educating clients was a critical component of helping them meet their goals. I started having monthly seminars on a variety of subjects, ranging from investments to income tax management, to wills and trusts. Little did I know that these seminars were preparing me for my career as a financial professional."

Bold Moves to Creating Financial Wealth ™ will show you how simple it can be to achieve your dream of long term financial security.

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