HardBack Edition
ISBN: 978-0-9826453-0-7

PaperBack Edition
ISBN: 978-0-9826453-1-4

Bold Moves to Creating Financial Wealth™is written by Award-winning personal financial advisor, Gerald Grant, Jr.

The first step in planning your financial future is to truly understand your current situation, what factors are within your control and where your money actually goes each week. For many of us, the prospect of trying to unravel the mysteries of financial wealth building is just too daunting. We imagine that only industry leading financial advisors can possibly understand the complexities of building future financial security. How could we possibly ever learn enough to be in control of our own retirement planning?

Actually you can do exactly that and the beginning of your journey to a more secure financial future is as close as the buttons at the top of this page. When you buy Bold Moves to Creating Financial Wealth ™ you will learn to understand wealth creation under the guidance of an experienced finance professional who speaks your language.

The book's author, Gerald Grant Jr. explains the key elements of sound financial management in a way that is easy to understand. Bold Moves to Creating Financial Wealth ™, is not your average financial self-help book. It will teach you to: assess your real financial position; understand basic financial terminology; identify threats and opportunities in your financial future; set realistic and achieveable financial goals and implement a simple plan that will help you to reach them.

Use the shopping cart above to order your copy of Bold Moves to Creating Financial Wealth ™ and why not give some thought to buying a couple of extra copies for a relative or friend? If you give this book as a gift, you could literally be giving them the gift of their future. Do it today!