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Learning Money Management is the key to financial peace of mind

The difference between wealthy people and non-wealthy people can be summarized in one word - knowledge.

Award-winning financial planner Gerald Grant, Jr., Branch Director of Financial Planning of AXA Advisors' South Florida Branch, imparts the knowledge he has gained in more than 20 years in the financial industry in his new book, Bold Moves to Creating Financial Wealth ™.

Written in a simple, easy to follow system, Bold Moves gives you the knowledge to manage your money and provides financial literacy so you can achieve both short term and long term financial goals.

Whether you are managing your own money - or have someone else managing it for you - you still need to understand how money works.

People who understand money - and wealth management for families - have a realistic perspective on the expected rate of return and understand when it's time to buy and sell. This is a key to retirement planning.

In addition to the expense worksheet, Bold Moves addresses several key questions for couples and families who may be facing the 'retirement countdown clock'.

Gerald Grant, Jr.

About The Author and The Book

Award-winning financial advisor Gerald Grant Jr.

Gerald Grant Jr., Wharton Certified in Retirement Planning, has written Bold Moves to Creating Financial Wealth ™ to help you reach your financial goals by:

1. Explaining the importance of budgeting.

2. Understanding how to establish your ideal budget to reach your financial goals and continue to enjoy your lifestyle after retirement.

3. Discovering a step by step approach to achieving financial independence.

4. Explaining the proper way to pay off bad debt and stay out of debt.

5. Learning how to invest by using an easy to follow approach.

As a special bonus, Bold Moves to Creating Financial Wealth ™ contains an "Expense Worksheet" to help you identify your spending habits and identify the necessary "Bold Moves" to achieve your financial goals. This worksheet is an important tool in establishing a budget and learning money management.

Bold Moves To Creating Financial Wealth ™ acts as an intro to money management while providing just that - BOLD MOVES - that will lead to the creation and growth of wealth.

The book, available in both hard back ($24.95) and paper back ($19.95), takes complex concepts and explains them in layman's terms, easily guiding you through the wealth management process.

Bold Moves has become an invaluable wealth management resource for families wishing to achieve their financial goals and plan for retirement.

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Gerald Grant Jr. Talks Financial Freedom

Gerald Grant, Jr., a popular and dynamic speaker is available to conduct seminars at conferences as well as speaking to business organizations and individuals. The above video is a seminar he gave at the first official 'book signing' at the home of Florida International University President Mark B. Rosenberg, pictured above.